The restaurant will reopen for lunch and dinner on Wednesday 2th of June.
In order to guarantee all our guests an optimal Jonkman experience, we are slightly adapting our service.

For lunch, the restaurant will be open for our 'à la carte' preparations and one set 5-course menu.

In the evening, the restaurant is open for dinner and we serve only the set 5-course menu.

Filip completes his menu culinarily, taking into account the imposed (early) closing time it is impossible to make changes and/or adjustments in our menu. Only with life-threatening ingredients (shellfish and nuts) we can exceptionally be taken into account provided they are mentioned in advance.

Reservations should preferably be made via our online reservation module, which gives you a simple overview of the available tables. In case of problems with your reservation, please contact us at 
We will be back by phone from Wednesday, 2 June on 050 36 07 67.

Reservations that are guaranteed with an advanced payment: the advanced payment will be moved to a date of your choice, you will NOT lose the pre-payed payment.

Gift vouchers that are about to expire remain valid after notification at the time of reservation. 
 If you come to enjoy a visit with a gift voucher, we ask you to bring the gift voucher physically.Book online